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First of all, sorry folks for the English part lacking the full 500+ test and the translations. I hope we catch up before we retire; but if so, we are likely to have enough spare time!

OK ...

There we were in 1994. By the way, "we" are T and K. Two true admirers of the brown sugar water. Of course, those sugar waters aren't all the same, and of course we were also troubled by the question which cola might be the best. The only difference was that we wouldn't limit that question to the eternal battle Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi - after all, the German market offers an enormous amount of colas. Thus we tested a dozen colas, another dozen ... But then we couldn't have imagined that the project "cola test" would last for so many years and that we will have tested and tasted more than 300 colas! Well, the year 2001 came and we decided that the world needs to know about it - "" was born.

In the meantime, we can present 318 colas from 24 countries - and we have already enough new colas to go beyond 333!

Comments? Questions? Spam? Just e-mail:

Of course we are always looking for new colas from all over the world! So if you know about a cola we haven't tested, please let us know where we can find it. We'll open up a to-do list with your name on it if we have a few suggestions!

One final comment: this is a private pleasure. We don't conduct tests for any commercial interest. The test reports are by no means meant to be perfectly objective; they are obviously just our own opinions. Therefore if you feel like being trodden on your toes: Create a better cola!


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