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To start of with: the list is not an order of precedence; it cannot be because many colas received the same grade. Thus we give a list in alphabetical order. Besides there are not exactly 10 entries! There are the 6 best colas, and then an additional 10 next best, so to speak.

In order to create an order of precedence it would be necessary to have all colas for a direct comparison. This is by no means possible because some colas are no longer available or were aquired abroad. Hence no first, second etc. place.

There is nevertheless a winner: Coca-Cola Coke is after all that time still the absolute favourite - even after more than 300 colas!

The Best

The list of the best colas (grade 1 oder 1-, equivalent of 5 stars) contains interestingly colas from different categories, which are mentioned as well.

  • Afri Cola - The best alternative cola
  • Big K Cherry Cola - The best cherry cola
  • Coca-Cola Coke - The best cola at all
  • Coca-Cola Vanilla Coke - The best cola with vanilla aroma
  • Dr. Pepper Cola - The best "Dr" Cola
  • Pepsi Cola Twist - The best cola with lemon taste

The Next Best

Here is the alphabetical list of the also very good colas (grade 1-2, equivalent to 4-1/2 stars). We are particularly happy that apparently everywhere in the world good colas are appreciated and created!

  • Big Cola American Cola (Denmark)
  • Denner api SuperCola (Switzerland)
  • Dr. Pepper Red Fusion (USA)
  • Flight Cola (Germany)
  • Pick'n'Pay's Choice Cola (South Africa)
  • Royal Crown Draft Cola (France)
  • Spar Cola (Germany)
  • Stardrink Cola (Germany)
  • Tribeco Cola (Vietnam)
  • Virgin Cola Black (Sweden)


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